Evian increases Walgreens sales with Don Anderson

Evian is the world's premiere bottled water, owned by France's Groupe Danone and sold in the United States by the Coca-Cola Company. Wishing to increase sales into Walgreens stores - its largest U.S. customer - Evian trusted Don Anderson's eChoice to help the brand reach its goal of double-digit sales growth with this very important retailer.

eChoice program included a points earning and redemption system, a website that acted as an information and redemption center for the program, and a catalog of more than 500 high-quality rewards. The program was launched in May, and was designed to help Evian reach five specific goals:

  • increase sales during the promotion into Walgreens stores
  • gain new distribution into previously inactive stores
  • increase product shelf space
  • reinforce existing sales and marketing campaigns
  • engage and reward the sales channel

Program participants earned points, called "Evian Bucks," for their sales: Account Managers earned one Evian Buck for every incremental case of water sold to their Walgreens stores, and District Managers earned one for every four incremental cases sold. At the end of the promotion, Evian Bucks were distributed as custom-printed vouchers that included award codes and redemption instructions, giving tangible credibility to the program and encouraging participants to redeem their Evian Bucks for their choice of rewards.

Throughout the program, participants could visit, the program's customized landing page and website - created using the eChoice Levels platform - to check their weekly sales standings and browse the award offerings. The site also allowed participants to redeem their Evian Bucks for merchandise from industry-leading brand names like Panasonic, Bose®, Nikon, Callaway, Weber®, Sony and more. Redemptions could be made for rewards worth 10, 20, 50, 100, 150, 250, 350, 500, 750 or 1000 Evian Bucks, and participants were allowed to bank Evian Bucks to strive for rewards of greater value.

Initially slated to run from May 1 through July 31, the Evian Bucks promotion met with such great success that it was implemented again for September, October and November. Overall results of the program saw increases of 12 to 26 percent in four of the five participating regions.


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