Name Entertainment - think out of the box


Entertainment can set the mood for your entire event – it can enliven, excite, draw people to your event, create brand identity, and make people want to be a part of your organization.


We have been assisting our clients to find just the right entertainer or entertainment for their meetings, conferences, trade shows and corporate special events since 1965.  In fact, we started as a concert production company in 1965 so we don’t think you can find anyone with more successful experiences.


We can buy your entertainment and produce your programs worldwide.  Don Anderson and its production staff have produced shows throughout North American, Asia, the Middle East, Europe, the UK and Central and South America.


Try us, over 5,000 clients have and they have loved the experience.  In fact, they have given us a 9.9 rating out of a possible 10 points for overall project content and Don Anderson production staff – do you know anyone that can beat that?


Contact us for information about specific talent and our extensive talent roster.





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